Bardsdale Cemetery

Bardsdale Cemetery
1698 S. Sespe Street
Bardsdale, California 93015
(805) 625-4114
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Bardsdale Cemetery was established in 1885 and is actively accepting burials today.

There are an estimated 7,000 individuals interred at Bardsdale. The VCGS database contains a few entries for this cemetery. The cemetery itself used to maintain an online listing, which can now be viewed at the Internet Archive. The Bardsdale Cemetery was also transcribed by Jay C. Wood about 2010; his transcription (with more than 6,500 entries) and photos can be viewed here on the Internet Archive. Researchers should also search Find A Grave for this location; or, contact the cemetery via their website.

More Detail about Bardsdale Cemetery

Bardsdale Cemetery is located about five miles southwest of Fillmore, California. The Bardsdale Cemetery Association was formed in 1895. It became Bardsdale Cemetery District in 1914 operating under the Health & Safety Code of the State of California.