CVGS DNA Special Interest Group – Bill Marlatt @ Zoom
Jan 5 @ 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm
“Unlocking Your Ancestral Story: The Power of Y-DNA”
Bill Marlatt


Calling all genealogy enthusiasts! Join us for an illuminating presentation by genealogy expert William P. Marlatt, as we delve into the world of Y-DNA testing and its incredible potential in understanding your genetic heritage.

Key Topics:

  • How can Y-DNA testing help you? Discover how Y-DNA can confirm your lineage, break down genealogical barriers, and reveal distant ancestors.
  • Characteristics of Y-DNA: Explore the unique features of Y-DNA and how it sets the stage for tracing your paternal heritage.
  • Markers (STRs) and variants (SNPs): Get acquainted with the genetic markers that hold the secrets of your ancestral past.
  • Haplogroups and haplotrees: Learn how haplogroups and haplotrees provide insights into your deep ancestral origins and migration paths.
  • DNA testing options: Uncover the various Y-DNA testing options available and choose the one that suits your genealogical needs.
  • Y-DNA projects: Discover how Y-DNA projects can connect you with others who share your heritage and provide a supportive community for your research.
  • Case studies: Explore real-life examples of how Y-DNA testing has unlocked family mysteries and expanded family trees.

About the Presenter:

William P. Marlatt is a seasoned genealogist with over 35 years of experience. As the founder and administrator of the Marlatt-Merlet DNA Project hosted by FamilyTreeDNA, he has a wealth of knowledge in using Y-DNA to prove lineages and solve genealogical puzzles.


Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced member of the genealogy research community, this presentation is designed for you. Anyone interested in learning about using Y-DNA in their genealogical research is welcome.


  • Date and Time: January 5, 2024, 1:00 PM PST
  • Location: Zoom Meeting
  • This is a free event. Both Conejo Valley Genealogical Society members and non-members are encouraged to attend.
  • Contact: To be added to the Zoom invite and for any questions about the meeting, contact Colleen Yinger, CVGS DNA SIG, at

Don’t miss this opportunity to harness the power of Y-DNA and embark on a fascinating journey into your ancestral roots. Whether you’re new to genetic genealogy or an experienced researcher, this presentation will provide valuable insights to enhance your family history exploration.

[VCGS and Conejo Valley Genealogical Society DNA SIGs are coordinating topics and are alternating hosting meetings for our combined DNA SIG memberships. (Note that CVGS’s DNA SIG meets on Friday afternoons.) This meeting will be held online with Zoom and an invitation will be sent out to the CVGS DNA SIG via email about 12 hours prior to the meeting. If you are not already on the CVGS DNA SIG email list you may contact Colleen Yinger ( to be added.]