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Springville Cemetery (abandoned)
(Ventura County)
Moved to Ivy Lawn Cemetery, Ventura, in 1925
Camarillo, California 93012 USA

This cemetery in Ventura County has been abandoned. It was located four miles west of Camarillo, near where the Camarillo airport is today. Dr. Coy's students gathered the records in January, 1930, for the California State Historical Association, and a list was published by the Genealogical Records Committee of the California State Society, Daughters of the American Revolution in 1946. Book is located at the Los Angeles Public Library.


Springville Cemetery was closed sometime around 1925 and the remains were moved to Ivy Lawn Cemetery in Ventura.



Cemetery records updated 2015 from book published in January 2015: They Lived and Died in Pleasant Valley: A History of the Pleasant Valley Cemetery with A Springville Cemetery Addendum by Sherwood Milleman and Val Rains. Detailed information about the burials and familes may be found in this book. A copy of this book is held in the Ventura County Genealogical Society's Library collection at the Camarillo Public Library.