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DNA analysis for genealogy, also known as genetic genealogy, is a relatively new tool in the serious genealogist's toolbox. Although DNA analysis will not magically populate your pedigree with your ancestors' names, it may connect you with cousins of all degrees, each one of whom may help to fill in another branch of your family tree. Or you may be able to "pay it forward" by helping a cousin to break down a brick wall of his or her own.
The VCGS DNA Special Interest Group consists of those interested in pursuing this interesting and challenging new technology, and reaping the benefits of DNA testing and analysis. The group has been meeting on a regular basis since about 2007, when Y-DNA was the only genetic genealogy test commercially available. Now tests have expanded to include mitochondrial DNA and autosomal DNA, and prices have dropped significantly.
Anyone interested in the intersection of DNA and genealogy is welcome to attend our meetings. Meetings are generally held monthly, and are open to all VCGS members and the general public. The meeting locations and times may vary, so please check the schedule (linked above) carefully.
Please join us at a DNA SIG meeting.

 - Teri Reynolds, 2019 Chair
 - Teri Reynolds, 2014-2019
 - Phil Crow, 2009-2014
 - Brenda Ball, 2007-2009