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Obituary Sources

The Obituary Index is extensive but not comprehensive for all years. For obituaries archived since 2006 by the Ventura County Star, search at this link. Complete obituaries are available for purchase at that site or at Foster Library, Ventura, CA.
Each record has a Location field. The information in that field varies. It can be where the person lived, where he/she died, where he/she is buried or the location of the mortuary.
Click on the eye icon for the details of the record. In the upper right hand corner is the name of the repository that holds the microfilms for the original records. To get the obituary, you would contact that entity.
The VCGS database is drawn from the following sources:



Camarillo News/Daily News (Camarillo Library)

1908 1993 1874, 1881, 1900

Ventura Daily Democrat-7/1901-9/1925 (Foster Library)

1904 1915 scattered years thereafter

Ventura Daily Post and Democrat (Foster Library)

1915 1927  

Ventura Free Press (Foster Library)

1925 1931 scattered years 1893-1900 and later

Oxnard Courier-1899-1915 (Vta. Co. Hist. Soc. Library, Ventura)

1904 1915 scattered years from 1899 

Ventura Weekly Democrat (Vta. Co. Hist. Soc. Library, Ventura)

1896 1901  

Ojai News (Ojai Library, Ojai)

1891 1892  

Signal Weekly 1871-80, 1884 (Foster Library)

1871 1880 and 1884

Ventura County Star (Foster Library)

1925 2016  

Oxnard Press Courier (Oxnard Library)

1903 1903  

Ventura Weekly Post & Democrat (Foster Library)

1922 1926  

News Chronicle (Thousand Oaks)

1974 1983  

Ventura County Star (Camarillo Library)

1994 1994 and 2016

Ventura County Star before 1997 (Museum of Ventura County Research Library)

    1952, 1974, 1983, 1994

Los Angeles Times

    miscellaneous dates

Thousand Oaks Star

2003 2008 and 1983

Los Angeles Daily News


Thousand Oaks Star Free Press


Fillmore Herald-1916-1996 (Fillmore)

1916 1996 1904, 1907

Thousand Oaks News Chronicle


Camarillo Star Free Press (Camarillo Library)


Thousand Oaks Acorn

    scattered 2000s

Fillmore Gazette

1989 1996 and 1962

Fillmore American

1925 1932 1918 & scattered years 1933-1995

Fillmore Daily Sun

1917 1919  
We would like to thank our indexers for their hard work in assembling this index. In particular Anita Schmidt, ...