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    Instrument Date   Grantor   Grantee   Deed Book   Page Number  
     Brooks, J. MarionDunlap, James L.27304
     Frederick, George et alHobson, A. L. et al130139
     Green, Thomas A.Kelly, James14351
    !/3/03Rice, T. A.Schinck, Albert82262
    --Hall, Sarah F. (estate
    Hall, Ira S. et al11595
    -/ - / 1882Miller, J. F. & Sarah
    et al
    Miller, Abram11205
    -/ - /1879Lyon, A. T.Lyon, Sanford8214
    -/--/1881McDougall, DonaldUdall, J. C.16470
    /6/18/06Poindexter, R. W. Co.Hoffelt, Michal et al106260
    /9/14/16Hayes, T. F.Hobson, Abram L. et al151114
    Page 1 of 3997

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