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    Details BAILEY, Thomas
    FrederickÊ *10 Sep on
    marriage cert
    Details BARGAS, FranciscoÊ
    *Shown once as 12 Apr,
    once as
    Details BARTLETT, Charles G.Ê
    *Also recorded on Bk
    Details BRIDGES*, John WaltonÊ
    *Birth name: DAVIS
    Details BRIONES, EugenioÊ *Shown
    as 16 Jan once, 21 Jan on
    Details CABRERA, ManuelÊ *Shown
    once as 13 Jun, once as
    Details CARABAJAL, John
    NicholasÊ *Recorded once
    as 07 Nov
    Details CASTILLO, MercedesÊ
    *License granted 27 Aug,
    Details DIAZ, Manuel JuanÊ *24
    Nov one place, 27 Nov
    Details DOMINGUEZ, JohnÊ
    *Repeated on 5:93.
    Page 1 of 2242

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