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    DetailsABBE, Esther W.P05808803/14/1980
    DetailsABBLETT, Charles E.P00364700/00/1907
    DetailsABBOTT, Herbert CassP05248210/31/1972
    DetailsABBOTT, Kittie F.P05498804/07/1976
    DetailsABEL, Beulah B.P05390910/09/1974
    DetailsABELL, Martha WynneP05178611/22/1971
    DetailsABLANALP, MaryP01874500/00/1935
    DetailsABLETT, HenryP01147000/00/1927
    DetailsABLETT, Isabell D.P00138900/00/1999
    DetailsABPLANALP, Carrie L.P05131001/18/1971
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