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    DetailsADAMS, AliceP00703800/00/1919
    DetailsADAMS, AlphaP04450700/00/1955
    DetailsADAMS, Anne L.P05873701/05/1981
    DetailsADAMS, Bertha RomaP05629502/15/1977
    DetailsADAMS, DaisyP05639102/01/1978
    DetailsADAMS, Elizabeth AnneP06142704/26/1984
    DetailsADAMS, Emelline KelloggP05943912/03/1981
    DetailsADAMS, FrancesP04492000/00/1956
    DetailsADAMS, HughP000401X10/26/2000
    DetailsADAMS, HughP00401XX00/00/1964
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