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    DetailsAGER, Lily I.P06227604/15/1985
    DetailsAGER, Mary E.P04985500/00/1968
    DetailsAGGAS, Mary LillianP05957102/01/1982
    DetailsAGGEN, Charles G.P04577100/00/1958
    DetailsAGGEN, FredericP01648500/00/1932
    DetailsAGGEN, Frederic M.P04743200/00/1962
    DetailsAGNEW, Chris D.P05120411/05/1970
    DetailsAGNEW, Martha A. K.P05298207/02/1973
    DetailsAGOURE, Jeanne MarieP04588800/00/1959
    DetailsAGOURE, JohnP04414900/00/1954
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