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2021 Conferences and Institutes

All these educational opportunities have a fee associated with them; for both 2020 and 2021, all have gone virtual, saving travel costs. These institutes are well worth considering when you are ready to take your DNA education to the next level.

Date Event Location
10-29 January 2021 Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy
Presented by the Utah Genealogical Association. This Institute typically offers one or two different DNA Courses, in addition to traditional genealogy courses. They also have additional offerings throught the calendar year. Find out more at SLIG.
[Salt Lake City, UT]
4-5 June 2021 Genetic Genealogy 2021 at SCGS Jamboree
Genetic Genealogy 2021 is all-virtual, offering 6 live presentations, and 20 recorded, for you to watch at your leisure. Genealogy Jamboree 2021 will be held the following weekend, 11-12 June 2021. It will also include some DNA sessions. The Southern California Genealogical Society celebrated their 50th annual Jamboree in 2019. Find out more at genealogyjamboree.com.
[Burbank, CA]
20-25 June 2021
11-16 July 2021
Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh
2021 is the tenth anniversary year for GRIP. They are offering two DNA Courses: Practical Genetic Genealogy and Advanced DNA Evidence; both are taught by Blaine Bettinger, PhD, J.D. There will also be some sponsored evening sessions available free via Zoom (topics TBA). Find out more at www.gripitt.org.
[Pittsburgh, PA]
6-8 July 2021 Midwest African American Genealogy Institute
For 2021, MAAGI is offering four tracks total, with one DNA track which is titled “DNA and Genealogy.” Find out more at www.maagiinstitute.org.
[Fort Wayne, IN]
25-30 July 2021 Institute of Genealogy & Historical Research
Presented by the Georgia Genealogical Society. For 2021, the IGHR is offering two DNA courses: one beginner and one intermediate; plus several of the other courses have an integrated DNA module. Find out more at IGHR.
[Athens, GA]
TBD MyHeritage Live
The third MyHeritage Live User Conference, which was originally scheduled for 25-26 October 2020, was postponed on 19 April 2020, due to restrictions related to COVID-19. No rescheduled date has been announced (as of 7 March 2021). The Conference covers traditional genealogy as well as DNA; however, MyHeritage is one of the major DNA companies, which makes this a unique type of conference. Keep up to date at MyHeritage Blog.
Tel Aviv, Israel

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