Lectures – Sue Adams & Brian Rhinehart

September 18, 2021 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
on Zoom

Presenter: Sue Adams

“English Manorial Records” (British SIG)

Manorial records are a rich genealogical source, especially for people who owned copyhold land as manorial tenants.  Records for some manors stretch back from 1925 to the 13th century, and are in English from 1733.  Clues that you ancestors may have been manorial tenants include references to land in wills and occupations associated with using the land such as farmers.


My own genealogy adventures started back in 1997, triggered by the death of a cousin of my paternal grand-mother.  I was soon hooked and started trying to verify the family folklore from my mom’s ancestry.  Family Folklore Blog is where I share my personal research and discuss genealogical issues. It wasn’t long before I wanted to know more, which lead me to study with the Open University, and later to embark on the University of Strathclyde postgraduate programculminating in a Masters degree.  I have come to realize that, even with my education, there is still much to learn.   Technology makes ever more historical records available, so I am committed to keeping my skills updated so I can take advantage of the opportunities presented.

Second presentation:

Presenter: Brian Rhinehart

“Navigating the Records From the War of 1812”

From bounty land to pensions, there are no shortage of genealogical records for soldiers from The War of 1812.  Learn how and why these records were created, how to make sense of them, and what those records can contain for your ancestors!
Brian Rhinehart is a professional genealogist and speaker and is the owner ofCivilWarRecords.com.  A direct descendant of six Civil War soldiers, Brian specializes in research and record retrieval for Civil War and War of 1812 soldiers at the National Archives in Washington DC and has retrieved military files for hundreds of clients there.

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