VCGS DNA Special Interest Group – My “Sort” of Genetic Genealogy (Lauran Elam)

August 19, 2023 @ 10:30 am – 11:30 am
On Zoom
My “Sort” of Genetic Genealogy
Lauran Elam

I’m very honored to be presenting to DNA-SIG again this month. Last time, I shared one of the more complicated unknown parentage cases I’ve ever had the pleasure of solving, but this time I am going back to basics.

On a practical level, I‘ll be using my daughter’s match list to demonstrate how you can use AncestryDNA’s color-sorting system to isolate the matches most likely to connect through a brick wall at the great-great-grandparent level.

On a more philosophical level, I’ll be looking to boost the confidence of anyone feeling intimidated by the “genetic” aspect of genetic genealogy, by explaining how I use the same principles I might apply to solving the daily Wordle, or any other logic puzzle, to tell me which matches on a list are most likely to be relevant to a particular research question.

Bring your questions, bring your stories, we’ll have fun sorting with those rainbow dots!

[This meeting will be held online with Zoom and an invitation will be sent out to the VCGS DNA SIG via email about 12 hours prior to the meeting. If you are not already on the email list you may contact the webmaster at to be added.]