Guardianships 1873-1993

Indexing by Ventura County Genealogical Society volunteers. NOTE: much of the index was done many years ago and the indexer used two digit years and where they didn’t have a month or day (or any date at all) they used 00s to represent unknowns. So it was not possible to be certain whether a 00 year was 1900 or it was just that no year was available for that record. And 93 could be 1893 or 1993. Some dates were clearly mistyped (eg. “00/135/1935”) and could not be corrected and are left as they were entered. And dates such as 00/00/1935 could not be made searchable. So dates in this index should be used with caution. It would be best to use the name and case number and write for the original record.

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