Richardson Cemetery

Richardson Cemetery
South Mountain Road
Santa Paula, California 93060

The Richardson Cemetery was established in 1877. This family cemetery is private and not open to the public.

The VCGS database contains 40 entries for this cemetery. The Richardson Cemetery was also transcribed by Jay C. Wood about 2010; his cemetery description can be viewed on the Internet Archive but unfortunately, his transcription was not preserved. Researchers should also search Find A Grave for this location.

More Detail About the Richardson Cemetery

George Morton Richardson and Jenette Garrett Sims were married in November of 1857 and developed a piece of land in the Suisun, Solano County area of California for 10 years, only to find that they were not able to be granted a land patent because it was still part of a Spanish land grant.  George and Jenette loaded the family, by this time numbering four children, and all their worldly goods into a covered wagon in the Fall of 1867.  They drove their livestock along with them and trekked down the coast to Ventura, where they turned inland, looking for land outside of a Spanish land grant where they could homestead land from the Federal Government.  Crossing the river in Santa Paula they found what they were looking for at the base of South Mountain.  After living in their wagon and building a small house they finally opted to move the building to the bank of what is now called the Santa Clara River to establish what was to become the family home where four generations later lived.  While George and the boys cleared the land, Jenette would bring lunch and water to a shady glen where they would eat and rest awhile.  After some time it became her favorite place and at the time of her passing on June 20, 1877, her body was laid to rest under the biggest oak tree.  The cemetery is now the final resting place for five generations of the family.


The transcription for the Richardson Cemetery in the VCGS database was provided by Virginia Gunderson for USGenWeb, 2005 and Ventura County Genealogical Society.