Salt Lake City Safari

Come along on the VCGS Salt Lake Safari research trip! If you’ve gone on previous Salt Lake trips, you know what to expect as you research throughout the world’s records. But if you have never joined the “Safari” you may not know about the millions of rolls of microfilm, more than 500,000 books, serials and maps, and the hundreds of computers loaded with special record collections and premium web sites. And then, there is the food and the fun and companionship of your research colleagues.

Do you wonder if you are ready to go? Yes! You absolutely are! There are over 500 paid and volunteer staff at the Family History Library waiting to help you in your ancestor search. And there will be pre-trip classes to help you prepare.

Burbank Airport is an easy way to travel to SLC with several nonstop flights on Southwest and Delta. Join our Merry Band of Genealogical Friends; you’ll have a great time. For more information, contact Pat Thomas at

Salt Lake City Safari @ Family History Library
Nov 7 @ 12:00 am – Nov 14 @ 12:00 am

Salt Lake City Safari 2021 Research Trip

The 2021 Salt Lake Safari is scheduled for November 7- 14, 2021, a lovely time to visit Salt Lake City. It will depend upon the Family History Library reopening, and on Covid conditions everywhere. We go when it is safe.

The FHL is open until 6 pm Monday through Saturday, with many changes, more books, improved individual work spaces, and more surprises. The Salt Lake Plaza Hotel has reserved 25 rooms for Sunday, November 7 through 14, but they will try to accommodate additional days if you like. Many of us will arrive Saturday to hear the Tabernacle Choir performance Sunday and stay through the week. Our research trip includes a free one- hour class provided by James Warren, of Carmack and Associates, professional genealogists and authors. And one of the highlights of our research trip is the group dinner at the Garden Restaurant. There will be several pre-trip classes via Zoom.

The Plaza Hotel room rates are $95 for standard rooms with an excellent view of the Library, and $105 for deluxe, city view rooms and $105 for king-bedded rooms. We have 25 rooms blocked at the Plaza, and 50 people have expressed interest. For reservations, call the Plaza at 801-606-2410 and ask for the Ventura County Genealogy Society room block and let me know. If you have any questions, please email Pat Thomas at

Why You Should Go!

I think access to the books, and periodicals first come to mind.  Many are still under copyright, but I can freely access them at the library.   Although I usually have a long list of books to look at while at the library, some of my best finds have been discovered by browsing the shelves.  Plus, it is a dedicated week of research where distractions such as laundry, cleaning house, etc. don’t interfere with my time.

The chance to browse through maps and books.  In-person browsing is a much different experience than on-line browsing.  Being uninterrupted…  no laundry to do, families to feed, mail to sort through.  You are there for one reason and there are plenty of people to help you keep on track.

Well, besides the incredible resources that are right at our fingertips,  a major perk for going, at least for me, is it’s a whole week of being able to concentrate on genealogy without distractions.  Being there with genealogy friends, plus making new friendships with genealogists from other areas, is a great motivator to keep searching or chipping away on a brick wall.  Spending evenings sharing over dinner the triumphs and failures of the day is always fun.  Other genealogists’ eyes don’t glaze over when you start talking about your family history!  If you find yourself stuck down a rabbit hole, somebody–either one of the FHL volunteers or another genealogist–is always close by to drag you out!  Personally, I get more accomplished on safari in a week than I do the rest of the year!

Reasons why you (novice or seasoned researcher) should go with the gang. Tour guide is a seasoned researcher thereby allowing you to pick her brain cells!!!!  It allows you to have buddies to bounce ideas off of when your brain goes into overload. Special classes with Library staff (maybe even a special tour) Allows you to experience afterhours events together.  (the food experience comes to mind).

  • A week of focused Genealogy work with fewer distractions from the “normal world”
  • Be motivated by being in the company of serious dedicated Genealogists – it rubs off on you
  • Take advantage of the experts in out of USA areas that your people came from.  They are free
  • Learn all that is new in Family Search from the source.
  • Actually spend time with fun people not on line