Coroner's Inquest Guide


Some notes regarding these inquests:


  • The criteria for an inquest are: the person died suddenly from an accident, suicide, murder, disasters, died at home etc.
  • The earliest records held by Ventura County begin in 1873 and this list goes through 1939 (with a few records from 1941, ‘45, ’46).
  • The age listed is as stated in the record; many have no age, others have a date of birth.
  • Chinese names are listed twice: under surname then under given name.
  • Many of those who were from Mexico have the mother’s maiden name and where in Mexico they were born.
  • Sometimes the person’s birth place is listed as well as how long they lived in California &/or in Ventura County.
  • March 12 1928 was the date of the St. Francis Dam disaster killing at least 450 people. It was the greatest American civil engineering failure in the Twentieth Century.  Only about 100 names were listed in 3 different folders. Most of the information was just the person’s name, approximate age and, rarely, what state they were born. Additional information may be found on individual death certificates and other internet sites.
  • Many had a relative who testified or was mentioned, these people are listed in the comment section and/or on this page.
  • An easy way to find a name is to click “Ctrl+F” (on a Windows computer) or “Command+F” (on a Macintosh). A box will appear. Type in the name you want…if  the name is on the page,…it will be highlighted each place it occurs on the page.


Where records are stored:


Ventura County Medical Examiner’s Office
3291 Loma Vista Rd.
Ventura CA 93003


How to order a person’s inquest file

  • To review &/or make copies please call to have the records brought up from storage.
  • Order by the file number and include first & last name.
  • As of 2012 copies are $.50 per page.
  • Some records have from 2-3 or up to 10-20 pages.